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Reaver Beach Brewing Company

We've had a relationship with Reaver Beach Brewing Co. going back to 2015. We helped them launch an initial e-commerce website, and as they continued to grow, we agreed to get to work on their next digital home.

Reaver Beach Brewing Co. was founded in Virginia Beach, VA. They had plans to open a second taproom in Norfolk, VA in early 2020, but then COVID happened. The project delay gave us a great lane to get to work on the new website. And the new website gave us a great chance to capitalize on Reaver Beach's exciting growth that had taken place since our first project.

Web Design


Brand Expansion

Reaver Beach was opening a new taproom expansion in Norfolk, Virginia and wanted to use it as an opportunity to boost the brand awareness in the region. Our goal was to provide a digital home for their marketing initiatives that matched the high energy, welcoming, community-driven vibe of the brewery and the team.


Beer Portfolio

Reaver Beach Brewing has an award-winning portfolio of beers that span a decade of work. We wanted to use the website as an opportunity to celebrate those beers in a way that showcased the years of passion and work that went in to them.