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Proliant is a human capital management (HCM) SaaS company located in the suburbs of Atlanta. I worked with Proliant for two years and, and in that time, myself and a small UX team oversaw the user experience design for two HR products. I was the lone Designer who oversaw our Time Management product called ReadyTime™, and I also oversaw an employee-facing dashboard project that was engineered to help manage the workload for employees, so they could manage their internal needs.

Creative Direction
User Experience
Product Design


Bringing new energy to an emerging time management product

My first major project was to beef up the designs of Prolaint's ReadyTime™ product, and also design a settings flow that would be utilized by managers on this massive and complex product.

Dashboard Overhaul

A Groundbreaking workforce Management Dashboard

I was assigned to the dashboard project. The goal was to provide an industry-leading dashboard solution for all levels of employees, that would streamline their daily workflow. The thinking was simple, bring the topline tasks for each product to the forefront of a user's view, eliminating hours per day that would be usually used on task management.

The goal of a dashboard in any situation is to bring information to the surface, and make the end user's life more streamlined. In the case of HCM software, this is paramount. Proliant offered an entire suite of products that were all integrated in one way or another. So the work began to make the Proliant dashboard offering an industry differentiator. I explored different widget designs, and worked deeply on the user flow and how each dashboard interaction would lead a user of any professional level, through a flow that made sense for his/her/their work day.