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Paylocity is a human capital management (HCM) SaaS company located in the suburbs of Chicago. I worked with Paylocity for close to three years, and in that time, myself and a small team oversaw the user experience design for four HR products. My team consisted of product owners and managers, large development teams, and customer success specialists. In that time, we collaborated to bring best-in-class interaction design to a user base that was growing at an astronomical pace, and many of the designs being shown here are still in use today, years after they were implemented.

Creative Direction
User Experience
Product Design

Time & Labor

Bringing a Drop of joy to the sterile world of time tracking.

Our first major launch was a redesigned scheduling platform. The decision was made to make the experience different for mobile vs. desktop users, with mobile featuring more on-the-go features, and desktop being the workhorse for folks managing large teams and operations. Managers would use the desktop app to build and publish shcedules of any size and need. Employees would use the mobile app to swap shifts, pick up open shifts, and communicate directly with their managers and co-workers regarding anything related to their schedule.

The next portion of work for time & labor was around time tracking. This included a tablet punch clock app that could be customized for the client, as well as employee timesheets that would be able to track time based on any level of complexity, from the 9-5 consistent employee, to the contractor with different rates per job, and everything in between.

We offered a mobile punch clock that was focused on the day work, and the desktop app was more versatile and easier to use due to the complexity of a traditional timesheet.