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Ogichi Daa Kwe

Ogichi Daa Kwe is a summer camp for girls that borders the US/Canada border in the Northwoods of Minnesota. In 2018, we were approached to rebrand the camp, and bring them up to speed with their web presence, as their previous site was flash-based and inoperable on most mobile devices. The camp has a relatively young history, but one that is full of personal value to those who have spent their summers there. So we set out to develop a brand that could bring the camp into a new era, while also not abandoning its past. And we recently took that narrative on to a new, versatile, content-driven website that could be accessed on all devices.

Identity Design
Brand Strategy
UX Design
UX Strategy

Evolving the Brand

Ogichi Daa Kwe has a historic and reverent connection to the Ojibwe community, who are indigenous to the Northwoods region. This connection involves the exchange of many mythologies and lore, including the discussion of the Sun and Moon in our lives, and their role in connecting us to mother earth. This narrative was a small portion of Ogichi Daa Kwe's previous logomark, but for the new execution, the client wanted us to focus on the sun and moon narrative. We utilized this to help us develop our color system, as well as the iconography we used as we aimed to evolve the former logo without completely abandoning it for the new.

The Ogichi Daa Kwe brand was also set out to align with its sibling camp, Kooch-i-ching, as well as its parent foundation, the Camping & Education Foundation. So the same type of simple, strong, nature-driven iconography was used.

An Accessible & Modernized User Experience

Ogichi Daa Kwe's previous website was done in Flash, and for years, limited parents and prospective campers from viewing it on a majority of handheld devices. Our first mission was to make sure the website was built responsively, and that all tasks could be accomplished using any device.

We then put our focus to our three main objectives for the project. Camper signups was a main objective, especially noting the previous lack of capability of the site. We wanted this camp's energy to be something that one could really absorb just by visiting the site, so it was paramount that the client could push fresh content in the form of blog posts, events, and photo galleries to the site with ease. And the third major objective was engagement with the camp staff through direct content, or social media.

The website was going to be used by multiple people inside the offices of the camp of varying technical skillsets, so we needed to utilize a platform with a low learning curve and a low risk threshold for multiple users. After viewing multiple options including Wordpress, Webflow, and Squarespace, the client insisted the website be designed in Squarespace.

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