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Let’s Alchmize!

The enterprise of the traditional Alchemist was based on the transformation of base metals into gold. Taking something simple, and through a precise, scientific and methodical practice, greatly increasing its value. A Designer’s aspirations aren’t much different. Our process requires research, analysis, method, and precision. And we better be handing you something gold at the end of the process, or we have failed you.

Hello! My name is Michael Stump. I am the Founder & Sole Proprietor of Alchmst Design & Branding in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a designer with over a decade of experience in graphic design, branding, interaction design & user experience. My goal with any client is to see their objectives through from the root to the fruit, and part of the enjoyment I get out of this line of work is watching a client’s reaction to experiencing what we’ve created together. For all intents and purposes, we bring your brand to life. And that type of shared, cathartic experience is unparalleled. So, let’s get to work.

Chemical Synergy